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Quote Kaimal Replybullet Topic: Automated Electronics Projects
    Posted: 19-Jun-2011 at 5:03pm
Automatic packing machine
Automatic panel system
Automatic panels for 3 phase motors
Automatic pattern cutting m/c in garments
Automatic phase changer
Automatic phase changer with line voltage measurement
Automatic phase selector
Automatic pumping system for vehicles
Automatic railway gate controller system
Automatic room control system
Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
Automatic solar tracking system
Automatic stator voltage control
Automatic street light on-off controller
Automatic ticketing machine
Automatic traffic light controller
Automatic washbasin
Automatic weighing bridge
Automatic wheel alignment robot
Automation system using smartcard by implementing industry i2c bus
Automobile performance analyzer
Automobile tracking system
AVR for alternators
Bank card design
Bank locker security system with SMS mobile alert
Battery monitoring system
Blood dripping system
Body temperature scanning system
Boiler controller
Building automation system
Calendar day date time month year
Calibration of proximity sensor
Caller -id
Apartment multi channel fuse blown indicator & annunciation
Apartment security system
Artificial intelligent embedded line tracking follower robot
ATM card
Attendance recorder
Auto path finder robotic car
Auto stop motion and annunciate for knitting mills
Automated pump tester
Automatic traffic light system
Automatic bottle filing system
Automatic busfair system
Automatic car parking controller using RF
Automatic coil winding machine and controller
Automatic digital time switch
Automatic dim dipper programmable ON/OFF Timer controller
Automatic dim Dipper system
Automatic Door opening system
Automatic drainage system for industrial pipe lines
Automatic drilling system
Automatic dyeing machine
Automatic Electric billing system
Automatic fence controller
Automatic frequency counter
Automatic guided vehicle
Automatic humidity control for refrigerator
Automatic industrial operator
Automatic industrial drilling machine
Automatic irrigation system with wireless transmission
Automatic jogging, breaking, plugging for motors
Automatic lamination machine
Automatic load controller

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Senior Member
Senior Member

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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Posted: 01-Jun-2012 at 7:39pm
Automated Remote Data Logger

Automated Vehicle Detection and Collision Avoidance System

Automatic Bottle Filling System

Automatic Car Parking System

Automatic college bell

Automatic Control of Unmanned Rail Gate

Automatic Dish Antenna Position Corrector

Automatic Drug Delivery System - Either Salt Tester or Glucose Sensor Based

Automatic Garage Door Control with Safety System

Automatic Induction Motor Starter with Programmable Timer

Automatic Paper Evaluation System

Automatic Path Finder Robotic Buggy

Automatic Pressure Measurement and Controlling Using Relays

Automatic Railway Gate Control

Automatic Railway Signaling System

Automatic robotic vehicle navigation using RF-FSK and GSM technique

Automatic Saline end central monitoring system

Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR

Automatic Toll Tax

Automatic Vehicle Navigation Using RF and GSM Techniques

Automatic Water Level Sensing & Over Head Tank Control System

Automation of Bottle Filling Plant Using Micro Controller.

Automation of Electrical Power Substation

Automation of Hyperbaric Chamber Using Micro Controller

Automation of Poultry Farm Using Micro Controller

Autonomous Robot for Military Applications

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