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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Topic: Research Topics in Electronics and Computer Scienc
    Posted: 18-Feb-2011 at 11:32am
Synthesis of Dual-VT Dynamic CMOS Circuits
Privacy Protection in Association Rule Mining
A Connection Graph based Variable Wire Width Approach to Analog Routing
A Flow-based Scheduling Algorithm for Bluetooth Ad-hoc Networks
Color-Texture Feature Extraction using Soft Decision from the HSV Color Space
Data Mining in the Soft Computing Paradigm
Histogram Generation from the HSV Color Space
Task Assignment with Imprecise Information for Real-Time Operation in a Supply Chain,
Logic Styles for Low Power High Performance
Performance enhancement of a contract net protocol based system through Instance based learning
A Soft-decision Histogram from the HSV color space for video Shot Detection
Dynamic Topology Construction in Bluetooth Scatternets
Speeding up Web Access using Weighted Association Rules
Synthesis of High Performance Low Power PTL Circuits
Genetic Algorithms for High-Level Synthesis in VLSI Design
Designing caching strategies for common NFS workloads
A Color-texture Histogram from the HSV Color Space for Video Shot Detection
Motion Estimation using Multi-Resolution based on Haar Wavelet Transformation
A framework for automatic identification of the best checkpoint and recovery protocol
Object Level Frame Comparison for Video Shot Detection
A Web-based Automatic Evaluation System
MWPS a user friendly software for micro watershed characterization and prioritization
A Buffer-occupancy Optimizing Scheduling Algorithm for Bluetooth Ad-hoc Networks
A novel technique for color image compression
Online transcoding of news pages for handheld devices
Web based Course management and Web Services
Synthesis of Low Voltage Low Power Dual-VT Static CMOS Circuits
A Web-Based Course Management Tool
Image Retrieval using Wavelet Based Texture Features
Characteristics Of Weighted Feature Vector In Content-Based Image Retrieval Applications
A framework for web-enabled distributed GIS
Energy Aware Logic Synthesis for VLSI Circuits
Synthesis of Low Power High Performance Dual-VT PTL Circuits
Segmentation using Saturation Thresholding and its Application in Content-based Retrieval of Images
Synthesis of Low Voltage Energy Constraint Static CMOS Circuits
Trails of the Killer Tsunami: A preliminary assessment using satellite remote sensing technique
An architecture for web-based delivery of software as a service
Coordinated problem solving through resource sharing in a distributed environment
Fractal Image Compression: a randomized approach
P^3- A Power-Aware Polling Scheme with Priority for Bluetooth
Traffic Engineering in a typical academic network
Application of 2D-Fuzzy Gabor Filters for Change Detection in SAR Image
A New Approach to Timing Analysis using Event Propagation and Temporal Logic
VLSI Architecture for Three Step Search Algorithm using Multi-Resolution
Human color perception in the HSV space and its application in histogram generation for image retrieval
How similar are Eucldean distance measure and cosine angle distance measure for nearest neighbor queries?
Particle Swarm Optimization for Modeling and Parameter Extraction of On-Chip Spiral Inductors for RFICs

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