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Joined: 19-Oct-2008
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Quote siva Replybullet Topic: IEEE JAVA Projects List
    Posted: 19-Jul-2011 at 11:15pm
Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery
ANGEL Enhancing the Utility of Generalization For Privacy Preserving Publication
Randomized Protocol for Duplicate Elimination in Peer-to-Peer Storage System
Network Border Patrol Preventing Congestion Collapse
Clustering and Sequential Pattern Mining of Online Collaborative Learning Data
Retrieving Files Using Content Based Searching
A Signature-Based Indexing Method for Efficient Content-Based Retrieval of Relative Temporal Path
XTC A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks
Virtual force based geometric routing protocol in MANET
Protection of Database Security via Collaborative Inference Detection
Rate & Delay Guarantees Provided By Close Packet Switches with Load Balancing
Minimizing File Download Time in Stochastic Peer-to-Peer Networks
Capturing Router Congestion and Delay
Benefit Based Data Caching In Ad Hoc Networks
Two Techniques for Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths
An Efficient Association Rule Mining Algorithm In Distributed Databases
Structure and Texture Filling-In of Missing Image Blocks in Wireless Transmission and Compress
ODAM An Optimized Distributed Association Rule Mining Algorithm
Personal Authentication Using 3-D Finger Geometry
Mobile Agents In a Distributed Multimedia Database System
OCGRR - A New Scheduling Algorithm for Differentiated Services Networks
Image Transport Protocol ITP
Distributed Database Architecture for Global Roaming in Next-Generation Mobile Networks

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Joined: 19-Oct-2008
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Quote siva Replybullet Posted: 19-Jul-2011 at 11:16pm
A wireless Intrusion detection system and a new attack model
Evaluating the Vulnerability of Network Traffic Using Joint Security and Routing Analysis
Truth Discovery with multiple Conflicting Information Providers on web
Mitigating Performance Degradation in Congested Sensor Networks
Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces
Selective Encryption of Still Image
Distributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol
A Precise Termination Condition of the Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm
Distributed Collaborative Key Agreement and Authentication Protocols for Dynamic Peer Groups
Controlling IP Spoofing Through Inter Domain Packet Filters
Novel Secure Communication Protocol for Ad Hoc networks
Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Systems in the presence of delays A regeneration theory Approach
Efficient and Secure Content Processing and Distribution by Cooperative Intermediaries
A Geometric Approach to Improving Active Packet Loss Measurement
Securing User-Controlled Routing Infrastructures
Peer to Peer Messaging System
QUIVER Consistent Object Sharing For Edge Services
Image Transformation using Grid
Predictive Job Scheduling in a Connection Limited System using Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Systems in the Presence of Delays : A Regeneration Theory Approach
Modeling & Automated Containment of Worms
Intrusion Detection in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
A New, Efficiet Coordinated Checkpointing Protocol combined with Selective Sender - Based Message Logging
Spatio Temporal Network Anomaly Detection by Assessing Deviations of Empirical Measures
Performance of a Speculative Transmission Scheme for Scheduling-Latency Reduction
Re-Ordering Of Packets Using Retransmission Timer
Incremental deployment service of Hop by hop multicast routing protocol
ATM Networks and Intelligent Packet Filtering
An Acknowledgment-Based Approach For The Detection Of Routing Misbehavior In MANETs

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Joined: 19-Oct-2008
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Quote siva Replybullet Posted: 19-Jul-2011 at 11:16pm
One To Many Distribution Using Recursive Unicast Trees
Security in large Mediator Protocols
Using the Using the Conceptual Cohesion of Classes for Fault Prediction in Object oriented Systems
Face recognition for smart interactions
Effects of Location Awareness on Concurrent Transmissions for Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks Overlaying Infrastructure-Based Systems
Bandwidth Estimation for IEEE 802.11-Based Ad Hoc Networks
Location Based Spatial Query Processing In Wireless Broadcast Environments
Agent Based Intrusion Detection, Response and Blocking using signature method in Active Net
Efficient Packet Marking for Large-Scale IP Trace back
Online Handwritten Script Recognition
Application of BPCS Steganography to wavelet compressed video
Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering
SAT- Solving Approaches to Context-Aware Enterprise Network Security Management
Dual-Link Failure Resiliency through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion
BRA A Bidirectional Routing Abstraction for Asymmetric Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Three Party Authentication for key Distributed Protocol using Classical and Quantum Cryptography
Computation Efficient Multicast Key Distribution
Gradient Vector Force - A new External Force for Snakes
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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote PrashanthS Replybullet Posted: 21-Jun-2012 at 11:29am

1    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Java Mini Project 2    Integrated Production System Java IEEE Project 3    Network Discovery And Security Analysis System Java Project 4    Repository and Search Engine For Alumni College System 5     XTC A Practical Topology Control Algorithm For Ad-hoc Networks Btech Java Project 6    Collaborative Filtering Using Dual Information Sources Java & SQl Project 7     Face Identification System IEEE Engineering Java Project 8    Customer Relation Support System BE Java Project 9    P-Tracker Java Final Year Mini Project 10    Java Network File Sharing System Final Year IEEE Mini Project 11    Post Instruction Code System Java Project on Java 12    Enterprise Distribution System Java Mini Project 13    School Health Program System Java Project Download 14    Intranet Mailing System Final Year Java Mini Project 15    Data Encryption System Java Final Project 16    Digital Image Processing Java Project For Final Year Students 17    Java Mailing System Java mini Project Report 18    Relationship Manager Java Final Sem Project 19    Enterprise Email System Code Java Major Project 20    Internet Service Provider Code Java CSE Project 21    PPMC Code CSE JAVA Mini Project Report 22    Desktop Buddy System IEEE Java Final Year Project 23    Pushpull Java Mini Project 24    QC Soft System Java Project 25    SAIP Java Major Project 26    ServerTech Final Year Project Download 27    MP3 Java System Mini Project 28    LDAP Mtech Java Project 29    IM Tech BE JAVA Project 30    JMail System Project 31    Issue Tracking System MCA Java Project 32    XML_Enabled_SQL_Server Java Project 33    Web Email Based Search Engine Java Mini Project 34    Web Wizard System Java Mini Project 35    EPooling IEEE 2011 Java Final Year Project 36    Blood Bank Maintainance System Java Project 37    Routing Simulator System IEEE 2011 Java Project 38    Web Reporting System Project Report on Java 39    VPN(Virtual Private Network) System IEEE Project on Java 40    Spam Filter Java Final Project 41    Software Security System Java Project 42    Java Project Report On File Tracking System 43    Compaign Management System Using Datamining Java Final Year Project 44    Placement Activity System Java Project 45    Steganography Java Mini Project 46    Network Latency Monitor System Java Project 47    Multi-Station Broad Casting IEEE 2012 java Project 48    Distributed Data Application System Project Report for CSE JAVA Students 49    Universal Scheduler in Java Project Report 50    Split Project in Java – Final Year Java Project 51    Health Information System Java Final Year Project 52    Multi-Purpose Java Instant Messaging Tool Engineering Java Project 53    Hospital Management System Java Project report 54    Election Commission Java Project For Engineering Students 55    ERIS(Enterprise Resource Information System) IEEE Java Mini Project 56    Handicrafts Import and Export Trade System Java Final Project 57    Simple Network Management System Java Mini Project 58    Banking Management System Java Mini Project 59    Contelligent System Java Project Report 60    Corporate HRM Information Scheduler System Final Year Student Project 61    Customizable Filtering Engine For Web Mail System Java IEEE Btech Project 62    Data Mast Management Software Java Project 63    Database Independent Report generator Java Major Project 64    Defect Tracking System Java Mini Project 65    Voice Enable Smart Browser Java CSE Project 66    Address Book Java CSIT Project 67     Air Line Reservation System Java MCA Project 68    ATM Application System Computer Science Java Project 69    ATM Banking System Computer Science & Engineering Java Project 70    Bus Booking System Engineering IEEE Java Mini Project 71    Chat Express Project on Java 72    Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography Java Project For Btech Final Students 73    College Enrollment System Java Mini Project 74    Content-Based Image Retrieval IEEE 2012 Java Project 75    Credit Card Approval System java Project For Btech Students 76    Cubical Management System Java Major Project 77    Online Book Shopping System Java Ieee Final Year Project 78    Security System in Java Final Year Project Report 79    Data Mart Management Software java Student Project 80    Distributed Cache Updating For The Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Information Technology Java Project 81    Dyn Sec Sur Agent System Java Project 82    E Care System(Help Desk System) Developed on Java 83    E-Classified System Java Project For Students 84    E-Mail Recovered Password System Java project 85    Employee Information And Payroll Management System Java Major Project 86    Employee Tracking System MCA Java Project Report 87    Enterprise Accounting Management System Java IEEE Project 88    Equipment Maintenance System Main Java Project 89    Evaluation System Java Final Year Project for Btech Students 90    Fashion Model Management System Java Mtech Project 91    Online Book Store System Java Major Project 92    E-Transaction Interface Engineering Final Year Java Project 93    Insurance Policy Software Management Solution Java Final Year Project 94    Interactive Class Room System Java Mini Project 95    Inventory Management System Java Project 96    IRCS Java IEEE Project Report 97    JMaker Simple Java Mini Project 98    Lan Monitor Java Mini Project 99    Sample Bank Management System Java Mini Project 100    College Library Management System Java Major Project 101    School Library Record System Java Application 102    Login Authentication with Smart Card Network Security Java Project 103    Magazine Management System Final Year Java Project 104    MCMS Java Mini Project 105    Medical Diagnostic System Java Engineering System 106    MediTracker Java Project 107    Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal Java Project 108    Monitoring Web Application java Project 109    Multi Level Marketing System Java Project 110    Network Banking System Java Project 111    Network Monitor System Java Project 112    Network Security System IEEE Java Project Report 113    Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering System Java Project 114    Novel –SCP project on Java 115    ODAM Java Project 116    HIS Java Project 117    Online Medical Conference System Java Project 118    Online Net Banking System Java Project 119    Online Tele Network System Java Project 120    Online Year Book System Java Project 121    Online Year Book With SMS System Java Project 123    Online Book Store Java Mini Project 124    Optical Char Recognition System Java Project 125    Periodic Patterns Project on Java 126    Personal Telephone Directory Java Project 127    PPDM Java Final Year Project 128    Parametric Project Monitoring and Control System Java Project 129    Student Project Allocation and Management With Eval System 130    Railway Ticker System Project Developed on Java 131     Rank Aggregation For Automatic Schema Matching java Project 132    Result Intimation System Java Project 133    Large-scale Distributed Application System Java Project 134    Secure Net Auction System Java project 135    Java Mini Project Report on Security of Web Forms 136    Java Major Project on Self Training Employment Procedure 137    Java Project on Similarity Measures For Histogram Based Image Retrieval 138    Java MCA Project on SNMP Protocol 139    Java Btech Project on Student Information System 140    Java BE Project on Survey Tool System 141    IEEE java project on SW Forms 142    Final Year java Project on Syndication Of News Using RSS Feed 143    Java IEEE final Year Project on System Of Automation of Institute Process 144     Java MBA IEEE project on Text Editor 145     Java Project on Traffic Jam Detection
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