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Quote Vrishub Replybullet Topic: MBA Project Topics
    Posted: 18-Feb-2011 at 12:33pm
A report on international buisness operations of ONGC & OVL
A report on study of international marketing
Export Prospects Of Alcoholic Beverages To Russia,Ukraine and Uzbekistan
Liner Activities of shagai logistics
The Credit Crunch and its impact on the property market in the UK
International services and India
Internationalizing to the UK: a resource based perspective
Outward FDI and Trade Performance
Internationalization of banks: The consumer perspective
Internationalization process of Big Image Systems AB
Analysis of the Commercial Relations between Sweden and Latin America
Internationalisation of companies
The internationalisation process of the firm: a case study
Product Cycles for Sweden™s Export of Machinery goods
Supplier Relationship Management: Developments in Co-operative Initiatives
How to find an international business partner?
Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services
Strategies in Telecommunications Industry during Privatization Process towards Competition “ The Case of Thailand
Sustainable IOC - Sustainable Society
The Impact of Inflation on Business and Trade: a case study of Ghana and Canada
The Driving Force of Swap Spreads
Essays in Trade and Development
Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets - The Case of Nigeria
Reward Systems and Strategy
The Pros and Cons of Business Intuition in Strategic Decision Making
Innovative ways to finance telecommunication in developing countries
Key Success Factors for Ericsson Mobile Platforms using Porter™s Value Chain model
Emerging Role of Teams in Multicultural Organizations
Growth factors of Service based internet commerce in South Asian markets
Foreign Direct Investment in cohesion to employment
The Culturally Intelligent Negotiator: The Impact of CQ on Intercultural Negotiation Effectiveness
Indian Business Ventures abroad
Foreign Collaborations in India A Study of Patterns in the Pre and the Post- liberalisation Era
The Performance of Global Business Teams within Multinational Corporations: The Test of an Intervening Process Model
Imperatives, Challenges and Task Requirements of Becoming a Global Player: The Case of India
The global political economy of transnational corporations: a theory of asymmetric interdependence
The use of print ads for an international brand
Business Negotiations in the New China: same same but different
The impact of culture on business negotiations between Swedish and US businessmen: a case study of two Swedish businessmen
Effectiveness of promotion schemes
Measurement of Brand awareness and brand perception
Customer Loyalty study
Customer Profiling
Competition Analysis
Service Quality Study
Study of purchase influencing factors
Customer Satisfaction Survey
Consumer Perception Survey
Foreign exchange practices & hedging tools used by software industry
A Comparative Analysis of Balanced Fund Scheme of Mutual Fund
An analytical study on the volatility of securities traded on BSE sensex
Analysis of Foreign Currency Funding Option
A study on the security analysis for selecting the appropriate security through analyzing economy and industry
A study on demat and online trading in secondary market
Analytical study of Derivatives
A study on Impact of NPA™s On Profitability & Liquidity In Banking Industry
Non performing assets
Perception on mutual funds in Bangalore
To establish and carry on business of banking in any part of India or outside India.
Role of financial institutions in financing SSIS
Study on the role of financial institutions in providing housing loans to middle income group in Bangalore city
A study of deposit mobilization with reference to nationalized banks
Indian capital market
A study on foreign exchange funding option
Currency correlation and variability as hedging tool an analytical study of their relationship
Pre-banking development software analysis and operations credentials
Impact of inflation and GDP on stock market returns in India
Co-operative banks & their working capital
The Financial Performance Evaluation
Volatility analysis of pharmaceutical scrip™s
Demat: online trading & its safety
Fundamental & Financial Analysis Of Fund Management
Brand Loyalty of Cigarette Smokers in Bangalore
Study on the rule of financial institution in providing housing rule to middle income groups
Trend Analysis of Pharmaceutical with reference to B.S.E (Bombay Stock Exchange) During July-November 2005
Impact of electronic advertising on purchasing decision
A study of deposit mobilization with reference to Nationalised banks
Sensitivity analysis of stocks in information technology, cement and automobile sectors
Current scenario of derivatives market in India
Developing and measuring the Developing and measuring the performance of portfolio based on risk and return
An analytical study on Impact of FDI in Industrial Development in India
Creating of an application regarding wealth management
Analysis of investor™s perception about mid-cap investment and mid-cap sector
A study on option strategies in derivative market
A Research On Strategies for retaining employees in call centers
Risk Management With Financial Derivatives
Portfolio Analysis Of Banking Sectors
Study of financial planning among IT professionals in Bangalore
Technical Analysis of BSE IT sector index and investor™s perspective towards IT stocks
Crm and Foreign banks
Working capital and ratio analysis at Modern Collections pvt ltd.,
Budget and budgetary control system at KPCL
Financial analysis at BEML
Working capital management at Med Reich
A study on financial analysis of HDFC bank
HDFC standard life
Inventory management & its control at Karnataka Soap And Detergent Ltd
A study on Financial Statement Analysis at Jubliant Organosys Ltd
Bu Business Loans For Trade (BLT) portfolio at ING Vysya Bank Ltd.
A study on the financial performance of Shree Thyagaraja Co-Operative Bank Limited
A study of personal segment advances" in State Bank Of Mysore
Funds flow management at K.S.F.C
Financial Performance and Evaluation of KS&DL
A study on ratio analysis" adopted by Druk Sherig Construction Company, Bhutan
Ratio analysis of financial performance of Karnataka soaps & detergents limited
The role of national bank ltd in export and import of Bangladesh™ or national bank limited, Dhaka
A study Inventory Management at Bharath Earth Movers Limited
Need for financial statement analysis of a Computer Hardware Industry
An analysis of the financial statement of Corporation Bank
Financial statements, profit and loss account and the balance sheet of the company Titan
A Study On The Financial Statement With Special Reference To Manjushree Extrusions Limited, Bangalore
Working capital management of DSCL
A study on Kaypee Electronics & Associate Private Limited
A study on Midcaps and its impact on NIFTY Market
The study on working capital in S M Dyechem Limited
A study conducted for Lords Apparels Private Limited on working capital management and ratio analysis
Financial planning and solutions with life insurance with carried out to ICICI Life insurance company Ltd
Export and import finance, banking procedure and analysis of Vijaya Bank™s performance
A study on customer portfolio for Mutual Funds (with special reference to ICICI Bank Ltd)
A study on customer satisfaction towards Vaibhav Exports
A study conducted for HGS apparels private limited on working capital management and ratio analysis
impact of market volatility on debt funds investment a study conducted at Standard Chartered
Inventory Management & control at RWF
Ratio analisys, Allahabad Bank
To bring about the importance of technical analysis in the speculation activities and to study the market movement through the RSI.
A study on working capital management and ratio analysis of ABB LTD. (business area unit, Peenya)
Financial statements analysis of Metal Comps (I) Private Limited.
A study on risk management system in Banking Industry(with respect to Indian banks at Bangalore)
Inventory management: to reach a level of rs.15 crores by financial year end for entire company, to have average inventory of rs.22 crores of Honeywell solutions
Credit risk management a study conducted at Canara Bank
Project apprisal for getting a financial aid from KSFC (prepared on behalf of crux information systems (p) ltd bangalore)
A comparative study of housing loan schemes of various housing finance institutes for IC1CI home finance Ltd
A Study On Documentation of Export Ever Shine Granites company pvt ltd.
A project report on credit appraisal management a case study of Canara bank
Financial statements are indicators of profitability and financial statement of Milco Pvt Ltd
Project financing and non-performing assets management at MPFC, Bhopal
Comparative Study Of The Wealth Management Structure Of Banks & Analysis Of The Wealth Management Marketplace at HSBC
A Study On The Financial Analysis Of Acknit Knitting Limited
Financial analysis of Bharath Earth Movers Limited
Thomson Corporation (International Private Limited) Bangalore
A study on impact of mergers and acquisitions in the capital market at Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd
A study on financial aspects of the Thiruvalla East Co-Operative Bank Ltd.
Financial Performance Of The State Bank Of Mysore Pertaining To Personal Loans
A feasibility study on hypothecation financing of car loans (with special reference to Ing Vysya Bank)
Commercial banking, United Bank of India, banking credit “ an overview
Study on the ratio analysis and interpretation of Mysore Steel suppliers
Study On Labour Welfare Measures With Reference To KSDL
The project report on financial analysis of Blue Star limited
Financial statement analysis of Karnataka silk marketing board
Analyzing the performance of Anand Polymers Pvt Ltd
A study on inventory management at Indo American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt Ltd
Comparative analysis of financial statements of Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited
The Study On Stratigies Used In Derivative Market At Kotak Securitiies
Financial performance of the 131 Bank of India pertaining to various scheme of loans
Financial performance of Mysore Steel Suppliers
Performance of selected information technology scrip™s with reference to early days of UPA (united progressive alliance) government (during July November 2004)
Financial Analysis Of The Comptrollers Office Co-Operative Bank Ltd AT The Comptrollers Office Co-Operative Bank Ltd
Financial statement analysis at J&K bank
Working capital management in Bamul
The study of Ratio Analysis of Rourkela steel plant
Performance analysis of growth oriented income fund with special reference to HSBC asset management India pvt ltd
A report on augmenting asset liability management practices at Canara bank
Working capital management at 3m India limited, Bangalore
Working capital management a case study of the kerala electrical and allied engineering co. limited, cochin
An analysis of NPA in commercial banks with special reference to Dhanalakshmi bank limited
A comparative study on invest shield life of ICICI with other insurance companies
A study on risks, opportunities and hedging process in commodities market with reference to Reymount Commodities Pvt Ltd
A Study On The Analysis Of Risk And Return Towards Mutual Fund Schemes In Forutne Advisory Services, Business Partner Of Reliance Money
Analysis of working capital management of Karnataka soaps & detergents limited, Bangalore
Inventory control and its management at KS&DL
A Study On The Impact Of Labour Welfare Measures in Rubco Group
Lending loans and advances ,position of various advances problem faced by SBM bank.
Financial assistance by KSFC to small and medium enterprises
An analysis of the performance of the golden harvest scheme (a study conducted for Tanishq)
The title of the study is "loans and recoveries" at Bharat co¬operative bank (Mumbai) limited.
Financial analysis of page apparels MFT pvt ltd, Bangalore
Mobilisation of funds in insurance industry with reference to HDFC standard life.
Financial aspects and its operations with reference to Rhino Resins pvt. Ltd
A comparative study on the credit parameters used for lending housing finance in HDFC with other major players in the industry
A report on estimation of working capital requirement (prepared on behalf of Crux information system (p) ltd)
Evaluation of financial performance of Fairmate chemicals private limited
Investors prospective towards mutual fund scheme at Franklin Templeton global funds
A study on credit management (a study conducted at Abu Dhabi commercial bank)
Customer Satisfaction Towards J&K Bank With Special Refrence To Jamia Qadeem Sopore Branch
Working capital management towards MSR motors pvt ltd
Budgeting and budgetary control - systems & procedures, a study made at BEL- Bangalore
Financial analysis-a case study of Southern Power Equipment Company Limited, Bangalore.
Cost analysis in wockhardt hospital
a study of working capital management in bank of India
Financial ratio analysis of Travancore cements ltd. (TCL), Kottayam
Financial analysis-a case study of Spec Ltd
Credit management" at Amanath co-operative bank
Welfare amenities to bank employees. (a study conducted at Canara bank, H.O, Bangalore)
A study report of ratio analysis, at Balaji enterprises
A Study on Geojit Financial Services Ltd
A study on changing business profile of Karnataka state financial corporation
A study on credit management of state bank of Travancore
Financial statement analysis for effective financial control a project study conducted at Mysore Sales International Limited at hire-purchase division (MSIL)
Mergers and acquisition of banking industry with specific reference to Bank of Madura Ltd
Performance of mutual funds under the global environment A case study conducted in HDFC
Financial performance of Sudarshan Telecom
Investment options for investors in mutual funds for Kotak
Financial performance analysis of the Urban co-operative bank ltd. Jaipur
study on car funding conducted with reference to Apeejay finance
Inventory control & management at SSA(Sri Sri Ayurveda)
Study the growth of Vijaya bank & evaluate the financial performance of Vijaya bank
The management of non performing assets in the Canara bank™s loan portfolio
Working capital management of Blue star
Working Capital Management in SAI AGRO INDUSTRIES
Financial performance analysis of Hindustan lever limited
Budgeting process and control system at Hindustan aeronautics limited at engine division
An organizational study of ICDS securities and working pattern of various broking firms and comparative analysis of ICDS securities ltd. With other broking firms
A Study on Customer Expectation and Perception with reference to Indian Airlines
Study of ICICI Direct.com (online share trading) dematerialization in ICICI capital ltd.
Working capital of KSRTC
Study of working capital management at Parisons Foods Pvt Limited
A study on ratio analysis of BEML
Working capital management at Bharath Electronics Ltd (BEL)
To know the sources of funds and applications of funds and to allocate the available resources properly at Ing Vysya
Analysis of mergers and acquisitions among banks, with specific reference to bank of Madura ltd., ICICI ltd. And ICICI bank ltd
Foreign investment decision in India and the effect of the hike in FDI ceiling on the telecommunication sector
To the study the causes and movements of NPA's in KSFC
A Study On Working Capital Management And Ratio Analysis Of Mcdowell™s & Company Ltd
Kerala Roadways Ltd/Calicut
Financial performance of A. S. R. Associates
A study & analysis on working capital management at Karnataka power corporation limited (kpcl)
Trend analysis of automobile industry actively traded stock on BSE with special reference to united progressive Allance Government 2004{during July to November}
Study on portfolio management of the investors of Tata metaliks limited
A Study on Working Capital Management at Michigan Rubber (India) Ltd
Detailed analysis of service co-operative bank and Analysing the problem of increase in the overdues at Hosdurg Service Co-Operative Bank
A Study On Financial Ratio Analysis Of Western India Plywoods Ltd
Brand Awareness Of Airtel Mobile Connection At Impulse Touch Marathahalli Bangalore
A Study on Brand preferences and comparative analysis of different brand of ready to eat products with reference to MTR foods limited
A study on the performance and financial progress of mutual funds with special reference to ABN-AMRO
Current Scenario of Derivatives In Indian Market with special reference to India Infoline
A study on the assessment of performance budgeting in Amanath co-operative bank ltd
"Export Procedure followed by Rashmi Silk Fabrics for Silk".
A Study on financial performance at Absolute InfoTech private Limited, Bangalore
A Study of Investor Preference Towards Future and Optioins of India infoline Co Ltd
A Study On Term Loans For Industrial Sectors Of Corporation Bank
Inventory Management Analysis At Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Inventory management and control at Bimal Auto Agency
A Study On Risk Return Analysis Of Insurance Product At HDFC Chubb General Insurance Company Ltd Bangalore
Customer Satisfaction After Sales And Service Provided By Silicon Honda
The study of the retailers expectations from TATA STEEL (Tubes & Pipes Div.)
A project report on exporters credit (conducted on behalf of state bank of India, commercial branch, Bangalore)
A study of financial performance of the United Bank Of India pertaining to various scheme of loans
Export Procedure followed by Rashmi Silk Fabrics for Silk
Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Towards South Indian Bank (Yeswanthpur Branch)
A report on working capital management at Forbes Campbell Knitwear
Ratio analysis conducted on behalf of hotel industrialist™s co-operative bank ltd
A study on insurance as an investment conducted on behalf of Ing vysya Life Insurance
Fixed asset accounting at Karnataka state road transport corporation
A study of working capital management of K.S.R.T.C.
Non-Performing Assets In Indian Commercial Banks
The Inventory Management and Control Of Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal
Working capital management in KS&DL
Working capital management analysis A case study of Bangalore diary milk union limited Bangalore
Working capital management in Bangalore electricity supply company limited
A analytical study on effectiveness of cost control with special reference to KS&D L
Evaluation of the Inventory Management system at Wockhardt Hospital and Heart Institute
Inventory management and import cost calculation carried out in SKF India limited
A Study on Wear life Perception of Customers Affecting Customer Satisfaction in the case of Slurry Pumps Manufactured and Supplied by M/s.McNally Bangalore Industries Ltd,
Inventory control techniques (using abc,eoq,ved) Conducted on behalf of Goetz India ltd, yelahanka
Working capital management in L&T “ Komatsu Ltd
Financial statement analysis using ratio analysis Karnataka State Co- Operative Apex Bank
Evaluation of Financial Performance" of A. C. M. INDUSTRIES Private Limited
Anuvarthh Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
Working capital management In Bescom
A study on costing system in ascertaining & analysis of cost with reference to Sri Sri Ayurveda
Comparative common-size financial analysis to determine the co-relation between share market price & earning capacity of the FMCG companies
Financial performance At absolute Infotech private limited Bangalore
A Study On Financial Health Of Yuken India Limited, Bangalore
Dematerialization of Shares in BgSE Financials Limited, subsidiary of Bangalore stock exchange
Ratio analysis in BAMUL
A project report on the "Export Procedure followed by Kishan International for Silk".
Financial statement analysis - TAFE
Working Capital Management “ KMF
Financial analysis at Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd
A report on activity based costing for KAR mobiles ltd
Working Capital Management of Bostik limited
An overall organizational study at State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd
The Study Of Working Capital Management In Alfred Herbert Ltd
Study on financial analysis and planning at KPCL
Prateek Appareals pvt ltd
Inventory management and control at SHAHI EXPORT HOUSE
Effectiveness of cost control with special reference to K S&DL
Non-performing assets of public sector banks (with reference to the State Bank Of Mysore)
Analysis of Working Capital Management of AUMA India Ltd
Financial analysis of Keltron Components Complex Limited
Role of Financial Institution in Financing Small Scale Industries (SSI) “ A Study at the Nilambur Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd
Analysis of ratios “ a study conducted for A.C.M. industries
An insight into the financial performance of Movers (India) Private Ltd
Customer satisfaction towards State Bank of Mysore
A study of working capital management of Bharath Earth Movers Ltd. Bangalore
Working capital management with special reference to the Surlin Solutions Pvt Limited
Financing of commercial vehicle “ trucks (Sri Ram Investment)
Efficiency of Tele Marketing activities and its viabilities. By ABN AMRO
Zenith Exports Limited for Silk
A Study On The Innovations In Retail Lending With Reference To Vijaya Bank (Jayanagar 3rd Block Branch)
The Rai Saheb Rekhchand Mohota Spg & WVG Mills Limited
Structure of mutual funds as an investment avenue and the performance of five debt funds of standard chartered mutual fund
A study of credit appraisal system of Ing Vysya Bank ltd
Analysis of financial performance of ICICI bank limited
Ratio Analysis of Hindustan Lever Ltd
Study Of Associated Cement Companies Limited on the basis of Ratio analysis (ACC)
Honeywell technology solutions lab (HTSL)
A study of ratio analysis of the financial statements of KS&DL
An effective study of financial management information system of DLT pvt. ltd
A study on Forex risk management through forward merchant contracts
Analysis of the financial statement of Usha Martin Limited through ratio analysis
Inventory Management System and Control In BAMUL
Housing Finance as a means of increasing the Profitability of LIC of India
A Study On Forex Risk Management at Reymout (P) Ltd
Analysis of Non-Performing assets in The Hanumanthnagar Co-operative bank
Lending practices in banking sector at Union Bank Of India
A study on Financial Statement Analysis at Peenya Fine Comp Pvt Ltd
Standard chartered bank, Bangalore
Market potential and Brand Awareness for Honda Activa in Bangalore city
Motor industries company ltd (Mico)
A study of the market potentiality of AAA size batteries
Inventory Management in KSRTC
A Study on Financial Analysis. on behalf of KPTCL
Financial statement analysis conducted on behalf of the Federal Bank Ltd
A study on non-performing assets with special reference to HDFC Bank Ltd
A Study on the Financial Performance of Allahabad Bank.
Systematic investment plan™ on behalf of Cholamandalam Distribution Service limited
A study on Mutual funds as a growth HDFC Ltd
Comparative study of growth oriented balanced funds of various companies with reference to ING VYSYA mutual fund
A study on market intelligence of event management companies in Bangalore for Shrushti Ads
The Study of Recruitment and its Effectiveness at ˜Taj Residency™.
Financial Performance Related to ICICI Prudential insurance scheme
Exchange Rate Mechanisms in Foreign Exchange Management Conducted on behalf of Vijaya bank, Bangalore
Financial statement analysis in OM SAI motors on the basis of various techniques
Employee Welfare
Demand And Forcasting
Recruitment And Selection Process
Consumer Behavior
Life Insurance
Training and Development
Market survey on Brand Equity
Conflicts management strategies
Customer Focus on Supply Chain Management
Cash Management
Productivity Level
Study on Working Capital Management

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