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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Topic: Interesting Microcontroller Projects
    Posted: 22-Feb-2011 at 7:42pm
Soil Moisture Content based Automatic Motor Starter for Irrigation Purpose

Intelligent Train Engines and Hi Jack Control System or RF Vehicle Hi Jack Train

Advanced Collision Avoidance Solar Powered Robot Car with Automatic Charger - Seek for Sun Light and Charges when the Battery Goes Down

ASSIST - Automated System for Surgical Instrument and Sponge Tracking

Trivector Meter Design & Implementation

Power Failure Auto Detection at Customer Place and Wireless Power Line Communication Auto Announcement System to E.B Station

Eye Ball Controlled Automatic Wheel Chair

A Security Framework in RFID based License Plate

GPS and GSM based Biomedical Wearable Device for Remote Monitoring of Physiological Signals

Botrobo Tanker & Sound Detecting Robot

Ultrasonic based Vehicle Parking Guidance System

Portable Power Analyzer for Energy Audit

I Protect Integrated Vehicle Tracking and Communication System with Vehicle Command Unit An Ultimate tool for Tracking, Real Time Monitoring

Wireless Based Railway Bridge Damage or Track Fault Notification with Alarm Systems

Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control Using GSM Technology

Alcohol Breath Analyzer / Alcohol Sensing Vehicle Starter System

Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching

Advanced Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Wall Sensors and RF Remote Controller for Systematic Cleaning

Automatic Employee Tracking System using Zigbee Network and I2c Memory Card Reader

Anti Collision System in Railway & Location Monitoring using GSM and GPS Intelligent Train System with GPS

Voice based Activation and Control of Equipments

Voice based Elevator Movement and Display

Passenger Information System using GPS

Automated Drilling Machine

Touch Screen based Wheel Chair Implementation

Library Robot - Path Guiding Robotic System with Artificial Intelligence using Microcontroller

Eye Ball Movement based Equipment Control

Fuzzy Logic based Automated Train

Real Time GPS based Vehicle Parameter Monitoring with Intelligent Data Analysis

Zigbee based Wireless Weather Station

Finger Print Verification for Passport Checking

Design & Implementation of Grass Shredding Robot

Electronic House A Well Equipped Modern House

Design & Implementation of Child Safety Device

Autonomous Robot with Obstacle Avoidance, Drive Wheel Synchronization and Line Tracking Capability

American Sign Language based Hand Gesture Recognition & Performance

Staircase Climbing Robot Implemented in Multi-Domain Approach

Driver Fatigue Accident Prevention using Eye Blink Sensor

Implementation of Automated Multi Story Car Parking

Boatbot Design & Implementation

Energy Consumption, Meter Reading and Extra Power Requisition System

Automatic Touch Screen based Vehicle Driving System

Alternative Energy Sources - Foot Power Generation

Helping Hand for Disabled Person - Hand Gripper Robot

Robotic Vision and Color Identification System with Solenoid Arm for Colored Material Separation

Driverless Automated Car System

Zigbee based Smart Vehicle System Track, GPS based Vehicle Tracking, Protection & Security System

Design and Implementation of a Multiplex Parking System and Toll Collection based on Time Management Techniques for Identifying the Parking Violation based on Expiry Time

An Automatic Collision Detection and Acceleration Control using Multi Zone Transmission and Reception through RF Technology and GSM Communication

Conveyor Belt Sequential Timer Controller with Model for Bottling Plant

Fuzzy Elevators - Group Elevator Scheduling With Advance Information for Normal and Emergency Modes in Building Management Systems

GPS & RFID based Intelligent Guided Vehicle

Cell Phone Jammer - Implementation of Highly Effective Mobile Cell Phone Jammer

RF ID & Finger Print based Campus Access Control System

Person Identification System RF ID System used for Tracking & Authentication Purposes Applying Back Scattering Technology

RF Id Proximity based Checking & Detecting Expiry Date (S), Stock Updation

Multiplexing Control of EMU

Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of DC Motor

Speed Control of AC Motor with Multi Parameter Monitoring

RF ID & Finger Print based Electronic Passport Multi Management System

Parameters Checking Before Take Off

Coach Location Monitoring and Identification

GSM / CDMA / DCS Tri Band Jammer

Voice Control based Speed Control of Dc Motor

Finger Print based Campus Management System

Automatic Vehicle Toll Collection & Gate Entry Exit System using RF ID

Voice Controlled & Activated Wheel Chair Robot for Physically Challenged

Fuzzy Logic based Lift Control & Management System

Advanced and Intelligent Distant Vehicle Identifying and Automatic Entry System using Active RF ID

Cockpit White Box

Mobile Robot -- Wireless Ai based Intelli Mobile Robot for Multi Specialty Operations

Intelligent Fuzzy Control Guided Vehicle with Collision Prevention Ultrasonic based Distance Monitoring and Fuzzy based Collision Avoidance

Wireless Hybrid SCADA for Power Station Substation Monitoring & Automation

Flying Robot with Search and Rescue Feature for an Accident Area or Natural Disaster Area

Dish Position Controlling and Monitoring System Used for Radar & Other Telecommunication Applications

Smart Tanker Robot for Security Operations in the Protected Area with Wireless Secured Communication

ICU - Wearable Biomedical Sensors & Systems -- Wearable Body Sensor Networks with Bp

Distance Protection Power Theft Identification & Location Detection

Intelligent Transport System using Wireless Technologies

Judo Coat Design & Implementation

GPS based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation - Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Channel Communication using RF

RF based Intelligent Handheld Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD Display and DAS

Multisensor - Smoke, Fire, Temperature, Gas, Metal & Intruder based Security Robot - Zigbee

Ultrasonic based Path Planning for the Blind Person

ICU - Smart Medicare Patient Monitoring System

Infant Monitoring System

Finger Print based ATM Authentication & Money Management System

Voice Recognition for Controlling Color Television

Energy Saving System using Thyristor Controllers

A Wireless Bio-Implantable Device for Monitoring Vital Body Parameters of Transgetic Mice with Mems Technology

Motion Operated Scrolling Display using Mems Accelerometer and I2c Protocol

Blind Spot Location Identification - Bus Alert System for Vision Impaired People

Wall Follower Robot with the Help of Multiple Artificial Eyes

Medical Robot Design & Implementation

GPS based Substation Implementation

Density Traffic Analyzer - Traffic Control System for Ambulance Service Design & Implementation

Rail Track Inspector

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Admin Group

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Quote Kaimal Replybullet Posted: 19-Jun-2011 at 5:06pm
A GPS map digitization program
Ac and Dc motor control system
Accident alertness in vehicles
Accident identification system
Accident identification with auto dialer
Adaptive differential pulse code modulation a (APCM)
Adaptive lighting system for automobiles
Addressable remote transmitter through a communication
Advance encryption standard using micro control
Advancer fm power line intercom
Advertising display using LED & LCD
Agricultural Plant watering systems
Air & fuel ratio control system for fumace
Air leakage detection based on pressure sensor
Air pollution monitor
Air velocity monitor
Air fuel ration control system for fumace
Altimeter & barometer
An I2C Network protocol for environmental monitoring
Analysis of slip power recovery scheme
Anesthesia control system for medical application
Anthena circuit design for RF ID Applications - Signal Generator Circuit With Multiple
Sensor Sources Features
- Contact-less Transmission of Signal Between Sensors and Conditioning Circuit
- Analysis of interference effects on period-to-digital conversions
- Design and Development of Array Antenna for Adaptive Beam Forming
- Design and Simulation of Microwave Links in the Country
- Design of pulse Oximetry Monitor System
- Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
- Bluetooth-enabled Thermal Sensor
- FPGA Realization of Fuzzy Wavelet Based Handwritten Character Recognition
- Implementation of data encryption and decryption using RSA algorithm for
WAN/LAN channels
- Temperature Control Circuit for Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator
- Comparitive Study of Resonators for Biosensor
- Oscillator design using surface acoustic wave resonator
- Rate/Margin Maximization Algorithm for Adaptive Resource Allocation in Multiuser
OFDM System
- Control Channel Structure for Hybrid Distributed and Localized Allocation of
Downlink OFDMA Systems
- Joint Time-Frequency Analysis Using Wavelet Transform
- QoS Analysis in WiMAX
- Implementing Data Logging with Wireless Sensor Networks
- Security Analysis in Wireless Networks
- Solar Panel battery charger
- Analysis of MEMS switches
- Design of Free Space Optical Communication Link
- Single Photon Detection for Quantum Key Distribution
- Modeling of Power MEMS technology amplifier
- Single Photon Detection for Secure Communications using QKD
- Non-Linear optical devices for Secure Communications using QKD
- Developing Intelligent Agent for Medical Emergency System
- Enhancing Mobility Support for Integrated Car Alert and Monitoring System
- Dynamic Faceplate Recognizing System
- Wideband Signal Processing
- DNA classification using wavelet
- Design and implementation of voice recognition system
- Wall Crack Identification System using Matlab
- Simulation study of error rates in image transmission over 3G systems using
different types of error control codes
- Improving voice quality in VoIP by using erasure correcting codes
- Hardware Implementation of Logic-Based Model Checking Edge Detector
- FPGA Realization of Backpropagation for Stock Market Prediction
- Design of a Transceiver for UWB Communication System
- Antenna Design for UWB Noise Commmunication and Radar Systems
- Design for Synthetic Aperture Radar for Imaging Application
- Design of RFID Tag Antenna matched to Micro Chip
- Hardware Implementation of DICOM Standard Lossless Compression of Medical
- Cooperative MIMO Communications over Wireless Networks
- Mitigation of Scintillation Effects on GPS using MATLAB
- Human Identification Using Ear Recognition
- Face Gender Recognition in Humans
- Development of Nano-size Satellite CANSAT
- Development of Radio Frequency Direction Finders
- Investigation of RF emission sources and location
- Development of a Signal Disrupter

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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Posted: 01-Jun-2012 at 7:29pm
Micro controller Based personal remainder DIARY system

Micro Controller based postpaid energy meter

Micro Controller Based Prepaid Parking System

Micro Controller Based Railway Detection System Using RFID and GSM

Micro Controller Based Railway Traffic Monitoring and Control System

Micro Controller based real time elevator control system

Micro Controller Based Relay Tester

Micro Controller based robotics arm control using GSM OR RF techniques

Micro Controller Based Rolling Display for Bus with Voice Announcement

Micro controller based security system with parameters controlling for building automation with GSM technique

Micro controller based Smart attendance monitoring and recording system

Micro Controller based solar tracking system using GSM techniques.

Micro Controller Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Pwm Techniques.

Micro Controller based stepper motor controller with LCD facility

Micro Controller Based Tele control Switch

Micro Controller Based Toll Collection System Using Rfid Technique

Micro Controller Based Traffic Light Controller

Micro Controller Based Two Way Prepaid Electricity Billing System Using GSM.

Micro Controller based visitor counter

Micro Controller based wireless automation of Power Substation using GSM.

Micro Controller Based Wireless Data Acquisition System Using Laser Techniques

Micro Controller Testing and Development Board

Microcontroller based automatic dam shutter open close system

Microcontroller Based Automatic Railway Track Changer

Microcontroller Based Automatic Sorting Of Objects in Assembly Lines

Microcontroller Based Automatic Target Tracking and Shooting Gun

Microcontroller Based Automatic Vehicle Accident information system

Microcontroller Based Boiler Management System

Microcontroller Based Car Security System

Microcontroller Based Code Lock with Security Telephone Dialer

Microcontroller Based Digital Autotransformer

Microcontroller Based Distance Meter

Microcontroller Based Fire Detection and Early Warning System

Microcontroller Based Fuel Injection System for Automobiles

Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Meter Using ECG

Microcontroller Based IC Tester

Microcontroller based intelligent bank security system

Microcontroller based Logical Operation Simulator

Microcontroller based maximum demand controller for industry

Microcontroller Based Moving Message Display

Microcontroller Based Pacemaker with ECG Feedback

Microcontroller Based Patient care Monitoring and Information system

Microcontroller Based PID Controller

Microcontroller Based Process Control System

Microcontroller Based Programmable Punching Machine

Microcontroller based Quiz System

Microcontroller based Signal Generator

Microcontroller Based Soil Analyzer

Microcontroller Based Temperature Data Logging On PC

Microcontroller Based Temperature-Monitoring System

Microcontroller Based Voice Controlled Robot

Microcontroller Based Wireless Electric Meter Reader and Logger -IR Based

Microcontroller Based Wireless Multipurpose Controller

Microcontroller based XY Positioning System

Microcontroller Based Digital files system

Microprocessor Based Thermometer Device

Micro Controller Based Automation of Robotics Arm for Test Tube
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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Posted: 01-Jun-2012 at 7:31pm
Mobile Controlled Robot

Mobile Controlled Home appliances

Public Garden Automation

Green House Automation

Filling Application with Pc Interface

Military Application

Mine Rescuer


Mobile Phone based Device Control

Mobile Phone Operated Surveillance Robot
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Quote Kioshi Replybullet Posted: 13-Sep-2012 at 12:31pm
Hi umamahe, you could search these sites for many downloadable electronics projects:

Electrical, Electronics & Communication Project Downloads

Electronics Mini Projects with Downloads

Electronics Final Year Projects with Downloads

- Kioshi
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Quote umamahe Replybullet Posted: 19-Sep-2012 at 7:43pm
thank u
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