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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Topic: IEEE Electrical Projects
    Posted: 10-Mar-2011 at 4:03pm
Substation Monitoring System - Electrical Transmission And Distribution Process
Electrical Network Automation & Communication Systems
Remote Data Monitoring & Data Analysis For Power Station
Post Paid Electricity Billing Automation
Power Sharing Of Transformer With Overload Protection
EB Theft Monitoring And Control System
Artificial Intelligent Solar Tracking System With True Graph & PC Interface
Noise Less Speed Control Of DC Motor Using PWM Converter
Remote Control Of AC / DC Motor With Parameter Monitoring
Remote On / Off Of An AC / DC Motor
Remote On/Off Controller For AC Motors With Parameter Monitoring
Remote Speed Control Of AC / DC Motor
Remote Switching System For Home Appliances And Hardware

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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Posted: 10-Mar-2011 at 4:09pm

Electrical Station Variables Reader/Controller With True Graph And SCADA
Microcontroller Based SCADA For Substation By WAP
Multi Channel Voltage Scanner “ SCADA
Multi Parameter Measurement System “ SCADA
Plc Based Bottle Filling Station With Conveyors
Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump With Heart Beat Rate
Automatic Anesthesia Controller Using Infusion Pump With Respiratory

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Quote Aruna Replybullet Posted: 28-Jun-2012 at 6:52pm
Microcontroller Based IEEE Electrical Projects

MPMC1 Infrared Remote controlled High Voltage device switching with Electromagnetic Relay using AT89S52 MCU
WK216 AT89S52 based DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using H Bridge
MPMC2 Interfacing High voltage device to Microcontroller using opto coupler
WK214 Automatic Room Light and fan control with Visitor Counting
(Room light intensity and fan air flow according to the number of visitors in the room)
WK801 AC motor speed control using power Triac with display unit
WK802 Three Phase Load safety implementation with phase fault detector
WK501 PC based Appliances control in a plant (C-Language)
WK503 PC Based stepper motor control for robotic applications
WK504 PC Based DC Motor speed control
WK505 PC Based Hi-Tech industrial automation with auto / manual modes of operation
WK232 RTC based Digital Clock with Seven-segment Display with 12 / 24 hours mode
WK229 Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply
WK225 Auto turn off for water pump with four different time slots
WK226 Embedded concentration tester Touch Me Not using AT89S52
WK227 Stepper motor control using AT89S52 for critical angle control applications
WK217 Real Time Clock based industrial automation using Dallas RTC and I2C protocol
WK218 Jogger bench using PWM Technique (Advanced treadmill with safety tag button)
WK203 Petrochemical Level Indicator and Controller for Automation of cotton purification process in spinning mills using 89S52 MCU
WK204 Supersensitive Industrial Security System with Auto dialer (Owner will get alert by a phone call on intrusion can listen to the conservation of the thieves on his mobile)
WK207 High sensitive Programmable temperature monitor and controller for industrial boiler with electromagnetic relay control
WK208 Intelligent LDR based power saver for street light control system
WK210 AT89S52 based Password based Access Control System using I2C protocol
WK211 High sensitive Temperature based Fan Speed Controller using AT89S52 MCU
WK307 Wireless DC Motor speed and direction Control using RF communication
WK309 Wireless stepper motor control using RF communication for critical angle control applications
WK224 DTMF based industrial automation and appliances control system (Control your industrial appliances through a mobile phone from anywhere on the planet)
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