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Quote perwezalam Replybullet Topic: components for sms based home automation
    Posted: 13-Feb-2012 at 10:32am
i want to list of all component which used in sms based home automation control system

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Quote PrashanthS Replybullet Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 12:01am
Home Appliance Control System (HACS)

Home appliance control system is based on GSM network technology for transmission of SMS from sender to receiver. SMS sending and receiving is used for ubiquitous access of appliances and allowing breach control at home.

The system proposes two sub-systems. Appliance control subsystem enables the user to control home appliances remotely whereas the security alert subsystem provides the remote security monitoring. The system is capable enough to instruct user via SMS from a specific cell number to change the condition of the home appliance according to the user’s needs and requirements. The second aspect is that of security alert which is achieved in a way that on the detection of intrusion the system allows automatic generation of SMS thus alerting the user against security risk.

HACS system consists of the following components:-

PC: This unit contains the software components such as the HACS System through which the appliances are controlled and home security is monitored.

GSM Modem: It is a hardware component that allows the capability to send and receive SMS to and from the system. The communication with the system takes place via RS232 serial port. Cell phone can be attached at the place of GSM hardware but it limits the hardware functionality such as sending or receiving of SMS.

Mobile Device: Cellular phone containing SIM card has a specific number through which communication takes place. The device communicates with the GSM Modem via radio frequency. Mobile user transmits SMS using GSM technology.

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Quote skumar Replybullet Posted: 22-Feb-2012 at 12:09am

1.     AT command supporting GSM mobile phone.
2.     89S52 Microcontroller
3.     Max 232 IC.
4.     Relays
5.     Relay driver IC ULN 2803
6.     Voltage regulator 7805.
7.     Diode IN4007
8.     GSM Phone

1.     Keil u-Vision 3.0
Keil Software is used provide you with software development tools for 8051 based microcontrollers. With the Keil tools, you can generate embedded applications for virtually every 8051 derivative. The supported microcontrollers are listed in the µ-vision
2.     PRO51 Programmer Software
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Quote Avinash Replybullet Posted: 17-Mar-2012 at 11:22pm
More discussion's here related to this topic:

mobile based device monitering system
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