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Quote neo20101991 Replybullet Topic: GPS based Intelligent Guided Vehicle
    Posted: 06-Mar-2012 at 10:41pm
GPS based Intelligent Guided Vehicle with Collision Mitigation - Automatic Vehicle Location Tracking, Collision Avoidance with Dual Channel Communication using RF
could u please send me some material related to this project

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Quote Krishna_Sridhar Replybullet Posted: 29-Mar-2012 at 7:19pm
Automatic vehicle location tracking system based on GIS environment

Recently, automatic vehicle location (AVL) has become more widely used, affordable and popular than ever before. AVL is used for different tracking purposes, especially for those related to tracking one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. Tracking system technology was made possible by the integration of three new technologies: navigational technologies such as global positioning system (GPS), database technologies such as geographic information system (GIS) and communication technology such as general packet radio service (GPRS).

The proposed software design ‘tracking system’ is used to pinpoint the position, ground speed and fuel level of a given vehicle. This improves fleet management by making it secure and more efficient. The system has the ability to detect the optimal path between source and destination, depending on many factors such as travel time, jam, topography and number of traffic lights. The authors applied greedy techniques (GT) such as Dijkstra’s and Kruskal’s algorithms to a graph weight depending on the proposed cost function (CF). The geofencing technique is applied to the system based on real coordinates and grants security and safety to the fleet of vehicles. The designed software offers more flexibility in loading digital maps. This proposed software has the ability to visualise the real position of vehicles on maps and to take decisions according to real-time information.

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Quote skumar Replybullet Posted: 29-Mar-2012 at 7:25pm
This was some patent...

GPS vehicle collision avoidance warning and control system and method:

GPS satellite (4) ranging signals (6) received (32) on comm1, and DGPS auxiliary range correction signals and pseudolite carrier phase ambiguity resolution signals (8) from a fixed known earth base station (10) received (34) on comm2, at one of a plurality of vehicles/aircraft/automobiles (2) are computer processed (36) to continuously determine the one's kinematic tracking position on a pathway (14) with centimeter accuracy. That GPS-based position is communicated with selected other status information to each other one of the plurality of vehicles (2), to the one station (10), and/or to one of a plurality of control centers (16), and the one vehicle receives therefrom each of the others' status information and kinematic tracking position. Objects (22) are detected from all directions (300) by multiple supplemental mechanisms, e.g., video (54), radar/lidar (56), laser and optical scanners. Data and information are computer processed and analyzed (50,52,200,452) in neural networks (132, FIGS. 6-8) in the one vehicle to identify, rank, and evaluate collision hazards/objects, an expert operating response to which is determined in a fuzzy logic associative memory (484) which generates control signals which actuate a plurality of control systems of the one vehicle in a coordinated manner to maneuver it laterally and longitudinally to avoid each collision hazard, or, for motor vehicles, when a collision is unavoidable, to minimize injury or damage therefrom. The operator is warned by a heads up display and other modes and may override. An automotive auto-pilot mode is provided.

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