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Quote khanazlal Replybullet Topic: robotics project help
    Posted: 23-May-2012 at 2:42pm
We are engineering students currently in btech 2nd year. We are working on a robotics project involving an nxt 2.0 mindstorm kit and a friendly arm 9 processor. The problem we are currently facing is how to interact the arm 9 processor with the servo motors of the nxt 2.0. Also, we need to know the pin definition of RJ12 cables as each of its pins' functions. We appreciate your advice on the same.
Please help us.

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Quote kranthikumar Replybullet Posted: 01-Jun-2012 at 10:17pm
I/08+ RJ12 Pinouts:

Pin Signal Description
1 DCD Data Carrier Detect (IN)
2 RXD Receive Data (IN)
3 DTR/RTS Data Terminal Ready/ Request To Send (OUT)
4 GND Ground
5 TXD Transmit Data (OUT)
6 CTS Receive Hardware Flow Control

If you only need TXD and RXD (i.e. you don't need modem control) you can connect RJ11 connectors to the I/O8+.
Pin 1 (DCD) - modem connections only. The modem raises this signal to tell the I/O8+ that a carrier has been detected.
Pin 3 (DTR/RTS) - if the port is used for a modem connection, this signal acts as DTR, i.e. it will be dropped when the I/O8+ wants the modem to disconnect. If the port is being used for a local connection with hardware flow control, the signal acts as RTS, i.e. it is normally high, but if the input buffers become full it will be dropped to tell the other end to stop sending data.
Pin 6 (CTS) - this signal is only used when hardware handshaking is set. It is an input to the I/O8+ and is normally kept high. The device at the other end of the line will drop the signal if it wants the I/O8+ to stop sending data.

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Quote Hariprasad Replybullet Posted: 01-Jun-2012 at 10:25pm
Do have a look at this Mindstorm Tutorial,

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