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Joined: 09-Apr-2009
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Quote Jyotsna Replybullet Topic: Mini Projects in JAVA
    Posted: 21-Jun-2012 at 10:47am
Mini Project Topics and Ideas in JAVA

A Basic Hardware Store
Quiz Cards
Student Record And Information System
Human Resource Management System
Java linux accounting
pac man
GP Desk
Network Banking System
Address book
Bank Application
Kaffe on the OSKit
File Compression Sunzip(HUFFMAN Algorithm)
Online Library
Isap System
Maze generator and maze solver
Graphical Library System
MultiChat 2.0 VOIP
Telephone Billing System
Switching Knights
Library Members Info System
Storing and Indexing Spatial Data in P2P Systems
Recreational System
Phone Book

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Joined: 09-Apr-2009
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Quote Jyotsna Replybullet Posted: 21-Jun-2012 at 11:25am
Blood Bank Management.
Issue Tracking System.
Courier Information System.
Automation of Collectorate.
Student Information System.
Treasure Warehousing.
Activity Management.
Budget Approval System.
Mobile Survey.
Corporate Transportation.
Prison Management System.
Website Tracking System.
Encrypted Register Form.
Online Medicine Purchase.
Online Test.
Hospital Management System.
Online Agricuture System.
Storage Security.

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote PrashanthS Replybullet Posted: 21-Jun-2012 at 11:26am
Attendance Management System.
E-Voting System.
Online Secure File Transaction System.
Employee Management System.
Online Education.
Website Ranking System.
Global Employee Acclaimer.
Healthcare Management System.
College Management Sysyetm
War Card Game
Basic Library System
Flight reservation system
Library management System
Multi User Voice Chat (VOIP)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Student Registration System
A program to emulate telnet or remote login
A Pong Game System
Credit Card Approval System
Student Counselling Management System
Customer Track System
Complete Banking System
Internet Banking
Inventory System
Coin Game
Day Planner
College Enrollment System
Discussion Forum
Turn Based Network Game
Falcon Fighter Java Game
Online Remote Server
Bluetooth Multiplayer Game
Blogging Application
Hosptal Management System
Student Management System
Medical Diagnostic System
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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote PrashanthS Replybullet Posted: 21-Jun-2012 at 11:27am
Dice Application System
Chat Server
A simple web crawler
News System
Online Address Book
Atm Database System
e-billing in java
Fashion Model Management System
Game Of Chance
Online Exam
Simple Payroll System Version 2.0
A CD writing interface like Nero
Student Database Libary System
Pharmacy Management System
College Enrollment System2
Classic Road Fighter
A Civilisation Game
Hosptal Management
Persons Name Sorter Version 1.0
FileCompression (GZIP Algorithm)
Flashcard game that allows you to easily create flashcards
Car Sales System
Short Course Management System
A Snakes Game in Java
Bus Scheduling And Booking System
An Word Processor
Electronic voting System
Evaluation System
College Library Record Application
Asteroids shooting game
The Eight Puzzle Breaker
Tank shooting game
Sudoku on the go
A Basic CS Hardware Store III
Discover The Word
Simple Shopping Cart Example
Email System Client Server
Hospital Information System
Discussion forums
Client Server Application
puyo Puyo Game
Scientific Calculator
Library Management System
Movie Rental
Exam Suit
Bank Software with ATM
Hospital Management System
Advance Address Book
Student Information System
Shoot The Target Game
Editable Conway Game of Life
Rmi Card Game
Online Phone book
Online Recruitment
Employee Information And Payroll System
Voice Spam Protection:
Library Information System2
Online Web Conferencing
A Faculty Book System
Bugtracking System
Photo Viewer
Vehicle Management System
Tiny Movie Manager (TMM)
Hangman that helps you with the SAT
Library System
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