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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Aruna Replybullet Topic: Sensor based Electronics Project Topics and Ideas
    Posted: 28-Jun-2012 at 5:45pm
Flood Detector
PIR Motion Sensor
Simple Touch Switch
Sensor Based Motion Control Of Mobile Car Robot
Temperature sensor based Home Security System
PIR switching O/P sensors
PIZZOMAT sensors
Point to Point communication laser sensors
Position sensors
Rain detector sensors
Rain gauge sensors
Reed Magnetic switch sensors
Respiratory switching and analogue sensors
Retro Reflective range 1 mt,10 mt, 5 mt sensors
Robotic Arm with tactiel sensors
Salin drip sensors
Shock/impact with analogue / switch sensors
Sleeping pattern switching / analogue sensors
Silver cotton/ polyester sensors
Slot / FORK capacitance 25, 3 mm sensors
Slot /Fork inductive 25 , 3 mm sensors
Slot/ Fork IR 25 , 3 mm sensors
Smoke detector with analogue sensors
Smoke detector with switching O/P sensors
Solar energy sensors
Solar tracking sensors
Sonar sensors
SPO2 sensors
Thickness sensors
Thumb pressure sensors
Tilt Analogue sensors
Touch Key sensors
Touch key pad for blind sensors
Ultrasonic for blind sensors
vibration switch/ frequency/analogue sensors
viscosity sensors
voltage sensors
Walking robot with fully loaded sensors
Water sensors
Wind Direction 16 Direction sensors
Wind Direction 4 Direction sensors
wind Energy sensors
Wind speed sensors
Yarn Break Switching o/p sensors
Yarn Thickness switching / analogue sensors

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Aruna Replybullet Posted: 28-Jun-2012 at 5:46pm
Inductive LVDT sensors
Inductive range 10 mm sensors
Inductive range 150 mm sensors
Inductive range 1 mm sensors
IR based Thru Beam range 10 , 2, 5 mt sensors
IR intruder sensors
IR Movement detector sensors
IR Object 1000,100,2000,300,500 mm sensors
Iris Movement Switching sensors
Laser analogue output sensors
Laser based thro beam range 100 mt sensors
Laser Grain sorting sensors
Laser Mark sensors
Length Detector sensors
Level ultrasonic analogue output sensors
Level capacitance analogue output sensors
Level switch float sensors
Level switch IR sensors
Level IR analogue output sensors
Level switch sonic sensors
Level switch ultrasonic sensors
Live body with analogue O/P sensors
Load/weight sensors
Lube oil condition sensors
LUX (light intensity) sensors
, Magnetic Pickup sensors
Microwave movement detector sensors
Mine DETECTOR 100mm sensors
Mine detector 300 mm sensors
Mine detector 500 mm sensors
Moisture sensors
Noise level analogue sensors
02 analogue / switching sensors
Patient Fall 2 o/p sensors
Patient fall 4 o/p sensors
PH sensors
Phase Angle sensors

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Aruna Replybullet Posted: 28-Jun-2012 at 5:46pm
3 Axis Robot with sensors
3 Axis vehicle with sensors sensors
6 Axis ROBOT with sensors sensors
Air/Gas flow hot wire type sensors sensors
Air/Gas flow Turbine sensors
Alcohol analogue / switch sensors
Angle sensors
Atmospheric pressure sensors
BP motorised sensors
BP TACTILE sensors
Barcode sensors
Bionics 10 o/p sensors
Bionics 6 o/p sensors
Blood flow sensors
Blood GAS sensors
Blood Glucose sensors
Body temperature sensors
Bone crack detector sensors
capacitance LVDT sensors
CO Analogue / switching sensors
co2 Analogue/ switching sensors
coin detecting sensors
color mark sensors
color recognition sensors
color transprency sensors
conductive sensors
cough sensors
current sensors
Dielectric sensors
Direction sensors
Double sheet detector sensors
Dust sensors
ECG sensors
EEG sensors
EDA sensors
Electrical energy from heat sensors
Electrical energy from light sensors
Electrical energy from sound / noise sensors
Electronic Odour smell sensors
EMG sensors
ENCODER sensors
Eye Ball 2 analogue 3 switches sensors
Eye ball 3 analogue 4 switching sensors
Eye pressure (Tonometer) sensors
Eye blink analogue and switching sensors
Eye blink switching sensors
Fire detector sensors
Flame detector sensors
Flow TURBINE TYPE sensors
Flow ultrasonic sensors
Flow switch capacitance sensors
Flow electromagnet sensors
Glass Break sensors
Gripper with tactiel sensors
Heart beat analogue sensors
Heart beat pulse sensors
Heat sensors
Heat sonor sensors
Humidity sensors
Hydrocarbon switching /analogue sensors
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