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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Aruna Replybullet Topic: Mini Projects List of IEEE based ECE projects
    Posted: 28-Jun-2012 at 5:53pm
Analog Electronics /Digital Design /IC Applications /Sound Engineering

WK113 Airport security Luggage scanner system with conveyor belt arrangement
WK114 IR based third eye implementation for Industrial safety with loud siren audible up to 2 km
WK115 Implementation of Wall breaking / Glass Breaking sensor with loud 60dB siren
WK116 Intelligent Smoke / Fire Detector with automatic water sprinkler system to avoid fire Accidents
WK118 High Sensitive LDR based Automatic night lamp with morning alarm
WK119 Diamond security system in museums with loud 60dB siren
WK129 Triac based Sound Scanner for Audio Controlled AC 230 V Lamps
WK102 Intelligent Automatic Street Light Control System using high sensitivity LDR
WK103 Industrial electrical appliances control system using IR Remote (TSOP1738 IR receiver module)
WK104 Directional Counter for Bottle filling industries with seven segment LED display
WK105 Over / Under Line Voltage Protection for Electrical Appliances
WK108 IR based intelligent Automatic washbasin / mirror lamp controller
WK109 Timer based industrial liquid pump controller with user defined time slots
WK110 Renewable Energy management – Solar based lighting system with inverter and CFL lamp load
WK111 3-phase induction motor safety implementation with auto turn OFF and auto turn ON facility
WK120 Intelligent Automatic Plant Irrigation System with water pump control
WK122 Automatic Transformer Distribution and load sharing System
WK128 Transformer less solid state Power Supply Design
WK129 Triac based AC motor speed control system / Light Dimmer
WK130 Wireless Music transmission and reception by IR communication
WK131 H- Bridge implementation for DC motor direction control for robotic applications
WK132 Fastest finger first for buzzer round in quiz competitions
WK133 PIR based motion sensor for 500W cellar parking light with adjustable time delay and day – night mode
WK138 Error free Sound Activated Switch (Triggers the load on second clap sound)
WK140 Wireless petroleum level sensor using RF communication
WK141 Radio frequency based remote Industrial Appliances control system
MP1 Flashing Welcome Message with LED Chaser
MP2 Innovative Remote Locator for Television
MP3 Auto mute for car audio deck
MP4 PC based dual DC motor control using C
MP5 Electronic bicycle lock System
MP6 Micro Inverter for CFL lamps
MP7 Phase angle control of SCR using AT89S52
MP8 High Sensitive Electronic Ear (Poor man’s hearing aid)
MP9 Automatic Active Phase Selector for uninterrupted load run in rural areas
MP10 Farmer friendly Solar based electric fence for rural agriculture
MP11 High sensitive metal detector for detecting metal objects (Better security system to detect terrorists / human bombs)
MP12 Passive infrared based security with remote controlled activation and deactivation
MP13 Implementation of high fidelity multimedia speakers for desktops and PCs
MP14 Ozone based Air Purifier by generation of negative ions method (Removes cigarette smoke particles from air, reduces odors, kills germs and virus, and reduces incidences of cold and infection)
MP15 Earth fault protector
MP16 Inverter with Battery low and over load indicator
MP17 Solar based fan with tagged speed selection for rural people
MP18 Solar based cool cap (wearable electronics: feel the coolness, even in the sunlight)
MP19 Solar based mobile charger for rural areas (Charge your mobile anywhere with sunlight)
MP20 Playing MP3 files from USB storage device

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Aruna Replybullet Posted: 28-Jun-2012 at 5:54pm
MP21 Lie Detector
MP22 High sensitive LPG Sensor with gas leak alert buzzer
MP23 Woman Robot (Inspired by nature: Don’t touch me….She escapes from your touch, You cant catch her)
MP24 Advanced Intelligent Electronic Motor Starter
MP25 IR based escaping cock robot (Inspired by nature: inspired by nature – escapes from you, if you try to catch it)
MP26 Mobile Phone signal Transmission Detector (Mobile Bug)
MP27 Infrared sensor based intelligent Automatic Soap dispenser
MP28 Solar highway lighting system with auto turn off on day time
MP29 Level indicator for petrol dispensing stations with audio alert system
MP30 Mosquito catching system by UV lamp and axial fan (free from chemicals and toxic. No refills, no smoke and no odor)
MP31 Infrared sensor based intelligent Hand dryer with hot air blower
MP32 High sensitive intelligent Blind Stick
MP33 Triac based Four step touch dimmer
MP34 Electronic Nose – (This nose can sense various odors, more sensitive than human nose)
MP35 Blind man’s Cap with artificial eyes on it
MP36 Optically Isolated Fuse blown Indicator with Sound and light indicator
MP37 Real time Car battery monitoring and low voltage alert system.
MP38 Playing MP3 files from memory card
MP39 Pyroelectric based Fire Alarm
MP40 IR Remote based AC motor speed control
MP41 Tilt Sensor based Locker safety implementation
MP42 Implementation of Chanting Mantra system with volume Control

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