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Joined: 16-Jul-2012
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Quote tilu Replybullet Topic: how to switch connection dynamically
    Posted: 17-Jul-2012 at 12:19am
how can we switch connection dynamically.how we implement this topic on android platform.

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Quote Aruna Replybullet Posted: 25-Jul-2012 at 5:54pm
You can update the app.config file at runtime with new string settings. The only thing you have to know is the full name of the connection string.

        public static void ChangeConnectionString(string strConn)
             Configuration _config = ConfigurationManager.OpenExeConfiguration(

            //the full name of the connection string can be found in the app.config file
            // in the "name" attribute of the connection string
             _config.ConnectionStrings.ConnectionStrings[FULL NAME OF CONNECTION STRING HERE].ConnectionString = strConn;

            //Save to file
            //force changes to take effect so that we can start using
            //this new connection string immediately

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote fanofchennai Replybullet Posted: 25-Jul-2012 at 5:59pm
The below code snippet allows the connection string to be set at runtime if required. Changing the generated code won't work unless you want to change it again every time you use the designer.

Create a factory class to create instances of table adapters. Here is some sample code.

namespace Myapp.Data.MyappDataSetTableAdapters
    internal class AdapterFactory
        private string _connectionString = "";

        public string ConnectionString
            get { return _connectionString; }
            set { _connectionString = value; }

        internal MytableTableAdapter GetMytableTableAdapter(string connectionString)
            MytableTableAdapter result = new MytableTableAdapter();
            result.Connection.ConnectionString = connectionString;
            return result;

        internal MytableTableAdapter GetMytableTableAdapter(System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection connection)
            MytableTableAdapter result = new MytableTableAdapter();
            result.Connection = connection;
            return result;

        internal MytableTableAdapter GetMytableTableAdapter()
            return GetMytableTableAdapter(_connectionString);

In the factory you need to create methods to return each type of table adapter. When the factory creates a new instance of a table adapter that instance will initially get the default connection string but the string will never be used. It is immediately overwritten by the connection string you assign to the adapter factory. The connection string isn't used until the first time you try to access the database using the table adapter.

You can use this with code like:

Myapp.Data.MyappDataSetTableAdapters.AdapterFactory adapterFactory =
new Myapp.Data.MyappDataSetTableAdapters.AdapterFactory();
adapterFactory.ConnectionString = myConnectionString;
Myapp.Data.MyappDataSetTableAdapters.MytableTableAdapter myTableAdapter = adapterFactory.GetMytableTableAdapter();
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