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Quote Shravan Replybullet Topic: More List of IEEE Electronic Projects
    Posted: 16-Feb-2011 at 3:16pm
BlueBot: Asset tracking via Robotic location Crawling
Vision based Human Tracking and Activity Recognition
Vision based Navigation for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Vision Control of a Robotic Hand
Using Personal electronic Device for Authentication based Service Access
Rescue and Protection System for Underground Mine Workers based on Zigbee
Ubiquitous systems for Physical Movement Monitoring: Towards Understanding Collaborative Signal Processing
Utilizing RFID signaling scheme for localization of stationary objects and speed estimation of Mobile objects
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks toward Intelligent Transport Systems IEEE
GSM Based Home Security System
Two Dimensional Magnetic and Thermal Analysis of High Speed Switched Reluctance
Motor Using Soft Magnetic Composite Material IEEE
Ubiquitous Mobile Access to Real-Time Patient Monitoring Data
Wireless Sensor Networks and applications: A Survey
Wireless Ad Hoc Discovery of Parking Meters
Wireless Home Security and Automation System Utilizing Zigbee based Multi-Hop Communication
Deriving and Matching Image Fingerprint Sequences fro Mobile Robot Localization
Design and Implementation of a Digital Controller for DC-to-DC Power Converters
Design and Implementation of a Teleautonomous Hummer
Design and Implementation of an Open Autonomous Mobile Robot System
A Smarter Computer Controlled Model Car
A Solar-Powered Wireless Data Acquisition Network
A Tele-Operated Humanoid Robot Drives a Lift Truck
A TestBed for Voice based Robot Control
A Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication Protocol for Cooperative Collision Warning
A Vision based Vehicle Behavior Monitoring and Warning System
A Wireless based Sensor for Patient Monitoring System with Remote Diagnostic
Alternative Energy storage system for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
AMON: A Wearable Multiparameter Medical Monitoring and Alert System
An Adaptive Fuzzy Control System for Common Rail Direct Injection
An Automated Test Equipment for calibration of Energy Meters
An Autonomous Assistant Robot for Book manipulation in a Library
An Exoskeletal Robot Manipulator for Lower Limbs Rehabilation
An Intelligent Decision Support System for Wastewater Treatment Plant Management
An Interface Converter with Reduced VA Ratings for Battery-Supercapacitor Mixed Systems
An In-Vehicle Vision System for Dangerous Situation Detection
ANN Control System DC Motor
Automated Vehicle Control System
Autonomous Localization and Extraction of Books in a Library
Optically-Powered Wireless Transmitter for High-Temperature MEMS Sensing and Communications
Optimal control of Three-Phase PWM Inverter for UPS Systems
Parking Space Inventory control: An Artificial Intelligence Approach
Patient Monitoring using Personal Area Networks of Wireless Intelligent Sensors
PdaDriver: A Handheld System for Remote Driving
Performance Analysis of an Active Energy Induction Meter using an Innovative Approach
Power Factor Improvement of Single Phase AC Voltage Controller Employing Extinction Angle Control Technique
Proposal of Human-Friendly Motion Control
Real-Time DC Motor Position Control by Fuzzy Logic and PID Controllers using Labview
Remote Control of an Ultrasonic Motor by using a GSM Mobile Phone
Remote Monitoring System for Transformer Substations
RoboCart: Toward Robot-Assisted Navigation of Grocery Stores by the Visually Impaired
Robust Control of a Speed Sensorless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive
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Joined: 14-Feb-2011
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Quote Shravan Replybullet Posted: 16-Feb-2011 at 3:17pm
Feeder Automation within the Scope of Substation Automation
Fingerprint Identification and Verification System using Minutiae Matching
Fingerprint Identification using the Accidental coincidence Probability
Fingerprint Matching: Data Acquisition and Performance Evaluation
Fingerprint Verification using Smart Cards for Access Control Systems
Fusion of Voice, Gesture, and human-Computer Interface Controls for Remotely Operated Robot
Firebot: Design of an Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot
Fuzzy Adaptive Control of an Induction motor Drive
Fuzzy Modelling: and Control of Marine Diesel Engine Process
High Efficiency Flyback Converter using Synchronous Rectification
High Robustness and Reliability of Fuzzy Logic based Position Estimation for Sensorless Switched Reluctance Motor Drives
Home Networking with Zigbee
Hybrid Control of Semi-Autonomous Robots
Hybrid Intelligence for Driver Assistance
Implementation of a VI-Based Multi-Axis Motion Control System for Automated Test and Measurement Applications IEEE
Implementing Multiple Robot Architectures using Mobile Agents
Improving Patient Monitoring and Tracking in Emergency Response
Indoor Positioning and Navigation using WLAN Technology
Model Reference Linear Adaptive Control of DC Motor Using Fuzzy Controller IEEE
Inventory Management using Passive RFID Tag: A Survey
Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Computer based Embedded Control System
Modeling of a Stair-Climbing Wheelchair mechanism with High Single Step Capability
Modelling Pedestrains using Artificial Neural Networks
Models for Bearing damage Detection in Induction Motors using Stator Current Monitoring
MyBus: Helping Bus Riders Make Informed Decisions
Navigation of Mobile Robot using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Obstacle Avoidance System with Commanded
Neural Network Control Approach for an Industrial Furnace
Novel Skid Avoidance Method without Vehicle Chassis Speed for Electric Vehicle
Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robots using Ordinal structure Model of Fuzzy Reasoning Approach
Oil Well Diagnosis by Sensing Terminal Characteristics of the Induction Motor
Development of Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Decoupled Induction Motor Drive
Digital PWM Controller and Current estimator for a Low-Power Switching Converter
Design and initial In-Water Testing of Advanced Non-Linear Control Algorithms onto an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)
Designing a Secure and Robust Mobile Interacting Robot for the Long Term
Detection of Abnormal Movement of Industrial Robots using Image Sequence
Developing Vehicles for Future Transportation Systems: Challenges & Research Directions
Development of a Novel Instantaneous Speed Observer and its Application to the Power-Assisted Wheelchair Control
Development of a Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network Node for Automatic Data Acquisition and Transfer
Distributed Control Applications within Sensor Networks
Dual functional reconfigurable mobile robot IEEE
Electronic Control Units for Automotive Electrical Power Systems: Communication and Networks
eSeal A System for Enhanced Electronic assertion of Authenticity and Integrity
Robust Speed Control of an Indirect Field-Oriented Induction Machine Drive using Fuzzy Logic Control
Scalar Speed Control of a DQ Induction Motor Model using Fuzzy logic Controller
Secure Smartcard based Fingerprint Authentication
Security in Automotive Bus Systems
Self-Trained Automated Parking System
Sensing of Car Environment at Low Speed Driving
SIAPAS: A Case Study on the Use of a GPS based Parking System
SOLERO: Solar Powered Exploration Rover
Super-Twisting Sliding Mode Control for Unified Power Flow Controller In Power Systems IEEE
Telerobotics: Through-The-Internet Teleoperation of the ABB IRB 2000 Industrial Robot
The Adaptive Space Vector PWM for Four Switch Three Phase Inverter Fed Induction Motor with DC Link Voltage Imbalance IEEE
The Blocker Tag: Selective Blocking of RFID Tags for Consumer Privacy
The Smart Wheelchair Component System
A Comparison of Voltage-Mode soft-Switching methods for PWM Converters
A Fault-Tolerant Control Architecture for Induction Motor Drives in Automotive Applications
A New Approach to ANN-Based Real Time Voltage Stability Monitoring and Reactive Power Management IEEE
A New Soft-Switched Contactless Battery Charger with Robust Local Controllers
A New Visualization Concept for Navigation Systems
A Novel Resonant Transition Push-Pull DC-Dc Converter
A Real Time Precrash Vehicle Detection System
A Simple Control Scheme for Single-Phase Shunt Active Power with Fuzzy Logic based DC Bus Voltage Controller
A Three-Level DC-Dc Converter with Wide-Input Voltage Operations for Ship-Electric-Power-Distribution Systems
A Three-Level Single-Phase single-Stage Soft-Switched AC-DC Converter
Comparison of Traditional Inverters and Z-Source Inverter for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Control and Monitoring of Mobile Robot system using Bluetooth
Control of a Simple DC Motor Robot Equiped with Ultrasonic Sensors via a Field Programmable Gate Array and a
Custom Architecture for Fuzzy and Neural Networks Controllers
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design based on a Multi-Objective Optimization Evolutionary Algorithm

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