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Joined: 13-Jul-2013
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Quote haritha Replybullet Topic: Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Computing Projects
    Posted: 13-Jul-2013 at 7:29pm
Hai friends
i hope everyone is searching for cloud project
but now i need Cloud computing projects, big data projects that too M.tech final year level projects
anyone please help me to find good topic

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote LokeshNash Replybullet Posted: 23-Jul-2013 at 6:57pm

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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote LokeshNash Replybullet Posted: 23-Jul-2013 at 7:21pm
Creating clarity with Big Data

Digital data as the new industrial revolution:
In 2012, approximately forty years after the beginning of the information era, all eyes are now on its basis: digital data. This may not seem very exciting, but the influx of various data types, plus the speed with which the trend will continue, probably into infinity, is certainly striking.

Data, data and more data: we are at the centre of an expanding data universe, full of undiscovered connections. This is not abstract and general, but rather specific and concrete, as each new insight may be the entrance to a gold mine.

This data explosion is so simple and fundamental that Joe Hellerstein of Berkeley University speaks of ‘a new industrial revolution’: a revolution on the basis of digital data that form the engine of completely new business-operational and societal opportunities.

At the beginning of May 2012, at the Cloud Computing Conference arranged by Goldman Sachs, Shaun Connolly from Hortonworks presented data as “The New Competitive Advantage.” Connolly articulated seven reasons for this statement, two of which were business-oriented, three were technological, and two were financial:

Business reasons:
1. New innovative business models become possible
2. New insights arise that give competitive advantages

Technological reasons:
3. The generation and storage of data continue to grow exponentially
4. We find data in various forms everywhere
5. Traditional solutions do not meet new demands regarding complexity

Financial reasons:
6. The costs of data systems continue to rise as a percentage of the it budget
7. New standard hardware and open-source software offer cost benefits

Connolly believes that, as a consequence of this combination, the traditional data world of business transactions is now beginning to merge with that of interactions and observations. Applying the formula Big Data = Transactions + Interactions + Observations, the goal is now: more business, higher productivity and new commercial opportunities.

Read more - http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/5/6/65631AE3-3EA7-4F87-8501-7B8707C8F1D5/Big%20Data%20V
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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote LokeshNash Replybullet Posted: 23-Jul-2013 at 7:28pm
Big Data: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Data creation is occurring at a record rate. In 2010, the world generated over 1ZB of data; by 2014, we will generate 7ZB a year. Much of this data explosion is the result of a dramatic increase in devices located at the periphery of the network including embedded sensors, smartphones, and tablet computers.

All of this data creates new opportunities to "extract more value" in human genomics, healthcare, oil and gas, search, surveillance, finance, and many other areas. We are entering the age of "Big Data."

IDC believes organizations that are best able to make real-time business decisions using Big Data solutions will thrive, while those that are unable to embrace and make use of this shift will increasingly find themselves at a competitive disadvantage in the market and face potential failure.

Big Data technologies describe a new generation of technologies and architectures, designed so organizations like yours can economically extract value from very large volumes of a wide variety of data by enabling high-velocity capture, discovery, and/or analysis.

This world of Big Data requires a shift in computing architecture so that customers can handle both the data storage requirements and the heavy server processing required to analyze large volumes of data economically.

Know More - http://sites.amd.com/us/Documents/IDC_AMD_Big_Data_Whitepaper.pdf
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Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote LokeshNash Replybullet Posted: 23-Jul-2013 at 8:18pm
Analytics: The real-world use of big data

“Big data” – which admittedly means many things to many people – is no longer confined to the realm of technology. Today it is a business priority, given its ability to profoundly affect commerce in the globally integrated economy.

In addition to providing solutions to long-standing business challenges, big data inspires new ways to transform processes, organizations, entire industries and even society itself. Yet extensive media coverage makes it hard to distinguish hype from reality – what is really happening? Our newest research finds that organizations are using big data to target customer-centric outcomes, tap into internal data and build a better information ecosystem.

The term “big data” is pervasive, and yet still the notion engenders confusion. Big data has been used to convey all sorts of concepts, including: huge quantities of data, social media analytics, next generation data management capabilities, real-time data, and much more. Whatever the label, organizations are starting to understand and explore how to process and analyze a vast array of information in new ways. In doing so, a small, but growing group of pioneers is achieving breakthrough business outcomes.

Read More - http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/hu/resources/the_real_word_use_of_big_data.pdf
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