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Quote Roopa Replybullet Topic: Projects on digital image processing
    Posted: 09-Jun-2011 at 9:09am
Image Processing for Retinal Prothesis
Wavelet- Reconstruction of lost block in Images
DWT Based Scene Adaptive Color Quantization
Iris Recognition
Video Steganography
Image Segmentation
Image compression and decompression using Daubechies Wavelets
Implementation of image restoration.
Implementation of color optimization.
Image blur reduction using adaptive tonal correction
Image enhancement using histogram techniques
Implementation of visual cryptography using DH method.
Image segmentation and texture extraction for Number Recognition system.
Implementation of reverse watermarking system
Image denoising using DWT
Image denoising using ROF method.
Implementation of IMAGE steganography using LSB
User Identification using Finger Print
Image Wavelet analysis-Haar Wavelets
Encryption & Decryption in Stegnokey using LSB technique
Restoration of Blurred Image
JPEG Standard Compression
Adaptive Run Length Encoding
Image Compression using Sub-Band
Face Recognition using Eigen Vectors
Data Embedding using Watermark Technique
Implementation of Adaptive Lifting Scheme Algorithm in compression
Visual Half Toning
JPEG compression using DCT.
Multi resolution watermark based on wavelet transforms for digital images.
Morphological operations using matlab on images.
A Spatial median filtering for noise removal in digital images
Brain tumor detection using region growing method
Frame separation and restoration of video signal
Image compression using DWT
Implementation of image slicing using MATLAB.

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